#1 Does Tila Know Something We Don’t?
On December 9th on her Facebook page Tila Tequila claimed that Paul Walker’s death was ‘ritual murder’. The L.A. Coroner declared that Paul Walker’s car crash death was an accident; does Tila know something they don’t, or is she just crazy? Well, there’s quite a bit of evidence that she is crazy….

#2 Tila the Nazi?
Is Tila Tequila having a total meltdown? On another recent Facebook post she shared this image of herself wearing a Nazi hat and armband, standing in front of a Holocaust concentration camp. In the post, which she has since removed, she described Adolf Hitler as a “Special and Sweet Kid” who was bullied and for whom she felt “Sympathy, compassion, and forgiveness.” Is this proof that she’s lost her marbles?

#3 Tila Knows Who Killed Vanessa Lam?
Tila aslo claimed on her Facebook to know who ‘killed’ Elisa Lam. Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old Canadian woman who made news in February 2013, when she was found dead in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Although foul play was ruled out, there are many who believe she was murdered and some who even believe supernatural forces were at play. Tila claims she has to keep her mouth shut about the murder . . . Will she come forward with information or is she just trying to stay in the celeb spotlight?

#4 Tila Warns of the Coming Apocalypse
In December of 2012, Tila warned her fans of a coming apocalypse that was going to take out the ‘SCUM illuminati’ in January 2013. Here’s an excerpt from her Facebook page: “As for the beautiful people of this Planet, once the last wave of ANGEL WARRIORS come here in January 2013 you all shall be slowly feel a sense of “FREEDOM” within yourselves and your SOUL will be pure again.”
#5 Is Tila Tequila a Publicity Genius?
I mean, why is anyone still talking about her? Why are we writing this article about her in 2013? Could it be that it’s all a fabulous fiction she is stringing together to maintain her claim to fame? Maybe she’s just playing the same media-grubbing game as Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber . . . think they all share a behind-the-scenes publicist?

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