Three Accused of Supporting the Spy Agency in Hong Kong

Three persons have been accused of foreign meddling and aiding the Hong Kong intelligence agency under the National Security Act.

Afterwards, all three of them will appear in detention at Westminster Magistrates Court.

According to the Metropolitan Police, there is no connection between the Hong Kong inquiry and another case involving Russia.

Eleven persons in total were held under section 27 of the National Security Act as part of the inquiry.

The three men facing charges are Chung Biu Yuen, 63, of Hackney; Matthew Trickett, 37, of Maidenhead; and Chi Leung (Peter) Wai, 38, of Staines-upon-Thames.

“I want to reassure the public that we do not believe there is any wider threat to them,” stated Commander Dominic Murphy, the head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command. Although charges have been brought, this investigation is still ongoing, so I ask that you refrain from speculating or making any more comments about the matter.”

According to the police, on May 1st, counterterrorism officers in the Yorkshire region took eight males and one woman into custody. One man was caught in London the next day, and another man was arrested in the Yorkshire region.

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