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As a parent, Its your obligation to keep your children safe, but just how safe are they within your four walls?
Modern technology has created a new way for predators to infiltrate you home without physically breaking in. This article highlights the importance of checking your child’s phone as a predator could be a few clicks away from taking your child.

A Florida mother posted SnapChat messages that her 10 year old daughter received from a man suspected of being a predator.  He was  gradually trying to groom her into sending  nude pictures of herself.

At first the girl thought he was asking for selfies, but the man replied saying: ‘I really want some other kinds of pics. Like you’ll be in it…but not just your face.’
He gave his name as Daniel Foreal, but it is not known if this is his real name and could not be independently verified.
She told him that she was just 10 and that she couldn’t do such a thing but he said ‘it will be our secret.’

Mother shares messages from paedophile who tried to groom daughter, 10
The messages swiftly started to take a sinister turn (Picture: Guzelian)
Mother shares messages from paedophile who tried to groom daughter, 10
(Picture: Guzelian)

The mother found out so she posed as her daughter to message the man.
She discovered that the man had originally contacted her daughter on Live.Me, a video platform, after he approached her asking her to do a dare and saying they were ‘naughty’.
I was horrified and I know my daughter will not have been the only one he has targeted,’ she said.
‘My daughter is really mature for her age and she knows to tell me if someone has contacted her.
‘She has Facebook and other social media, because all her friends do and they play games together. We make sure that it is all on lockdown and if someone adds her, she tells me.

Mother shares messages from paedophile who tried to groom daughter, 10
(Picture: Guzelian)

‘When I saw her messages I felt sick. One person had sent her a picture of his penis. Another person she was talking to said he was a 13-year-old and sent a picture he found on Google. He asked to see her tummy but she is too clever and did not fall for that.
‘I made this public to show what these people say to young girls and to make sure that “Daniel” does not do this to anyone else’s child. I check my daughter’s social media but some parents might not know who their child is speaking to.’
With the mother in charge of the phone, she continued messaging to see what he wanted her 10-year-old girl to do.
He says: ‘It’s gana be fun. Like I’m gana tell you exactly what I want to see and then you show me (sic).’
The man then tells her ‘I want you to lift up your shirt and bra and take a picture’, before promising not to tell anyone.

Mother shares messages from paedophile who tried to groom daughter, 10
(Picture: Guzelian)

The mother replied: ‘I don’t have a bra. They’re for older girls’ and he responded by saying ‘Then just lift up your shirt and take a pic.’
She posted screenshots from the conversation as well as a social media profile of the man and a photo he sent her.
The post read: ‘So this dirty bastard thinks it is OK to message young girls asking for dirty pictures! NOT ON MY F**kIN WATCH! wrong momma to f**k with… sent a message to alllllll your friends list, the local sheriff in Florida, added to the Florida selling groups! I hope you get hung, drawn & f**kin quarted!
‘Anybody wishing to message or add on Snapchat go right ahead, please share… I know he is in Florida but horrible dirty scum bag!
‘BTW this is me messaging him pretending to be my girl.’
She says she has reported it to the man’s local sheriff in Florida and made a report to Child Exploitation & Online Protection centre.
She also linked to a Facebook profile of a man called Daniel Foreal but the account now appears to have been deactivated.

Mother shares messages from paedophile who tried to groom daughter, 10
We hope this article has highlighted the importance of checking your child’s phone.
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