According to a new Highway Code regulation, even car passengers may be punished if they use their phones while driving.

If passengers supervising learner drivers are caught using their phones, they may be heavily penalised.

While it’s common knowledge that using your phone while driving is illegal, did you know that using your phone in a car, even if you’re a passenger, can result in a £200 fine?

It comes as a new Highway Code rule Highway Code rule went into effect on Friday, allowing drivers to be fined in “almost any condition” when using their phones.

A new Highway Code rule means car passengers could be fined for using the phone
A new Highway Code rule means car passengers could be fined for using the phone

Passengers who use their phones while monitoring learner drivers are subject to a fine of up to £1,000 and six points on their license.

With the exception of emergency calls, it is illegal to use your phone while waiting at a traffic light or in a motorway line.

Drivers will, however, be able to pay at the drive-thru using their phones.

If it’s a secure holder, you’ll be able to use a “hands-free” device, including “hands-free” calls.

At a drive-through, you can still use your phone.

The Department of Transport said in a statement: “There will be an exemption to the new law for drivers making contactless payments using their mobile phones while stationary to ensure the law keeps pace with technology.”

This exemption will cover, for example, places like a drive-through restaurant or a road toll, and will only apply when payment is being made with a card reader. It will not allow motorists to make general online payments while driving.

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