Conspiracy theories are odd pieces of history and culture. All of them form around the basis that events haven’t unfolded as we are told. The belief that the powerful and wealthy may have something to hide, which they usually do (don’t we all). A perfect blend of distrust and human curiosity. To be fair, many conspiracy theories are not all that ridiculous. Some of them actually make logical sense, and it has been proven time and time again that governments and corporations aren’t exactly honest about their dealings. See, there are examples such as Project Mk Ultra that definitely encourage this thinking. Then you have some theories that are so weird that they seem more impossible than probable. One of these theories is the Mud Flood Conspiracy, which is almost on par with the flat earth theory. The Mud Flood is a relatively young idea, and even though I enjoy a good conspiracy more than most, I hadn’t heard of this until recently. A general synopsis of this theory is that within the last 100-1000 years, civilization was reset and humanity lost much of its knowledge and many advanced technologies. This reset was caused by a huge flood that covered the land in a few feet worth of sediment. A few theorists equate this flood with the great flood of the Bible; if this theory is true, it would throw the Bible’s timeline off by more than a thousand years. There are even fewer theorists that believe that church steeples were used to radiate electricity through the air and that giants ruled the Earth, but that is a whole different story that would require diving into the rabbit hole headfirst. So, for now, we’ll just cover the basics.

The proof of this flood comes from many examples of buildings that have seemingly been buried either fully or partially under the ground. There are pictures circling the internet showing Russia’s Winter Palace, the US Capitol Building, and the Saint Mary Magdalene church having been dug out to reveal lower levels than previously known. These are three examples that seem to be commonly used by supporters of the mud flood conspiracy as evidence. There are other various examples used though, as countless examples of buildings with windows below ground level exist. These pictures make it seem as though some of these buildings had been intentionally buried and forgotten about. There is seemingly no logical explanation for this. Some have tried to debunk this theory by bringing up what is referred to as the “cultural layer” of dirt. This layer is sediment and dust that builds up around the places that humans live. However, this has only brought up more questions. Why would previous generations let this layer build up so high? This has resulted in another large part of the theory which is that some of history has simply been rewritten or erased. Have you ever heard of the Tartarian Empire? Chances are you have not because you will not read about it in any history books, and you definitely didn’t learn about it in school. There are many old maps that have a large part of Asia east of the Black Sea simply labeled as Tartaria or Great Tartaria. Many of the conspiracists think that this is a deliberate rewriting of history that supports their arguments. This is all pretty crazy stuff, and if any of this is true then, I would be amazed.

Even coming up with this limited information took a little bit of digging, which shows just how weird this theory is. I really didn’t believe any of this nonsense until I searched for the images of these buried buildings, and there are a fair amount of them. A simple Google search will let you see at least a dozen of these buildings. Hopefully, your curiosity has been piqued because this conspiracy is crazy and really gets you thinking. So, do yourself a favor and do some digging of your own. Chances are you’ll either find the theory interesting, or you’ll find some entertainment from all of the crazy people on the internet.