The British government warns some against taking the vaccine

The most important of these directives are summarized for you in the following points, and then we followed them with their source from 6 documents published on the British government page .. The important points are:

1) The vaccine is not safe for pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant within a few months of receiving the vaccine

2) The vaccine is not safe for those who suffer from immunosuppression (weak immunity due to taking drugs that lower immunity or having immune-suppressing diseases such as AIDS)

3) No test has been performed to determine any long-term side effects

4) No test has been performed to determine side effects if it is taken with long-term medication

5) It is not known if the vaccine will cause infertility

6) Taking the vaccine will not prevent you from spreading the virus but it will only reduce the symptoms.

7) You cannot breastfeed if you receive the vaccine

8) The vaccine has not been tested in children and may not be suitable for youth under 16 years of age

9) The vaccine is only 95% effective …. which means that 5% of people who got the vaccine still have severe symptoms of Covid 19 disease …. Demographics (ethnic backgrounds) are obscured and the results of these 5% of people are obscured (It means that we do not know if these 5% are of a certain ethnicity or not) …

All of it is on the government website here

These six documents are on the official UK government page

*It is known that the British government has granted Pfizer legal protection from prosecution as a result of any damage or side effects as a result of this vaccine, including death ..

This is published here in British newspapers:*

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