Mon. May 29th, 2023
Shelly Perel Releases "Don't Try" Song and Music Video

"Don't Try" is the first single from Shelly Perel's upcoming debut album, "Patience And Stuff."

The track is chock-full of sounds that make it impossible to put the song in one lane: Alternative, Indie Pop, R&B, Neo-Soul, and so on; the song is truly genre-bending. Shelly Perel uses her soothing, soulful vocals to create a nostalgic yet contemporary jam.

The message of "don't try" is to forge your own way through life and enjoy the ride. Songwriter Shelly Perel drew inspiration from her life and background for the track. "I come from a small town where everyone must follow a certain path or pattern, but I had bigger dreams for myself."

Shelly Perel continues: "The song is really about the expectations of our environment and how sometimes we expect something different for ourselves. The pressures, and contrasting feelings and desires create this huge mess within ourselves. And, we then don't follow our dreams. The unknown tends to scare us, but not knowing isn't always a bad thing and it doesn't mean you are lost. It is just a part of the road-so, enjoy it!"

Written by Shelly Perel and her collaborators Shahar Goldstein (Golde) and Yuval Menashe, "Don't Try" has a universal message that many people may relate to. Golde also worked as the record's producer, making the synths, drum rhythms, etc. that give "Don't Try" its chill atmosphere. The singer-songwriter from Tel Aviv released a music video to go along with the single.

Oscar-winning director and editor Omri Baum oversaw the production of this visual. Considering that music video pioneer Omri Baum directed it and that the vocalist is a huge skater herself, it's no surprise that the video is spot-on in its depiction of the skating subculture. The video has an amateurish, behind-the-scenes vibe, but it doesn't take away from its overall high production value. The video was shot in this fashion on purpose to emphasise the central themes of the song and the ethos of the skating community: freedom, pleasure, friendship, and adventure. Don't even try to dislike Shelly Perel, her song, or the music video that goes with it.

The Life of Shelly Perel

Shelly Perel is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Tel Aviv, Israel, who specialises in alternative R&B/soul music. Shelly Perel is an experienced performer despite her young age. Since she was six years old, the diva has been playing on stages all across Tel Aviv. As a result of the strength of her performances, she was invited to open for a wide variety of internationally renowned performers.

She recently graduated from Rimon School of Music and is continuing her successful career in a military band. Shahar Goldstein and Sol Pefkin, who are also in Shelly Perel's band and work as producers, have helped her create a sound that is all her own by drawing on Israeli and world music traditions.


Shelly Perel released her debut English EP, "Buttercup," to widespread praise in 2020. The EP was covered in numerous print and online publications, and its tracks were played on numerous radio programmes. Soon after, she released a string of tracks with help from producers like Caye, Kuji, and Mor Opper.

The singles were also heavily promoted by numerous media channels, played on numerous radio stations, and televised on MTV Israel. The Israeli and Tel Aviv festival circuits were flooded with Shelly Perel and her band last year. Shelly has always pushed the musical limits and connected with her audience. Shelly Perel is well on her way to becoming a global phenomenon because of her distinctive and compelling music and performance style.

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