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A ROMANIAN crook has been jailed for two years after going on a crime spree the night before he was due to get a tax-payer funded ride home.

Devon Cornwall police * SW
Annis Ghafoor will go to jail for two years

The journey would have been free for him and courtesy of the UK tax payer.

But drugged-up crook Annis Ghafoor, 24, decided to milk the hospitality of Britain further by going on a crime spree.

He had been arrested earlier in the day for a suspected theft but was freed when police realised he had a ticket back to Romania, paid for by the local council.

drug rampage


Ghafoor went on a drug-fuelled rampage

Instead of his two-day bus ride home, he is now starting his two-year prison sentence

After being released on November 5 from police custody, he went on a drug-fuelled rampage, thieving and attacking two lone women.

He targeted Michaela Locke as she left bingo, wrenching her handbag and a shopping bag from her viciously.

Minutes later, he attacked 72 year-old Dawn Pope, trying to cover her face with her hood as he snatched her handbag.

The pensioner fought back and hit him with her walking stick, but fell and passers by came to her rescue and detained Ghafoor in a pub.

Man attacking women GETTY

Ghafoor attacked two lone women

Read on: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/636448/Romanian-being-sent-home-attacked-women-crime-spree-to-milk-last-hours-UK?

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