Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
Did you know that the too-big-to-fail (TBTF) banks that overreached on their derivative investments are permitted to seize your bank accounts to cover their shorts? Not a conspiracy theory, but a legalized way for TBTF banks to ROB you of your money. What Is the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act?

“The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is a massive piece of financial reform legislation that was passed in 2010, during the Obama administration. It was created as a response to the financial crisis of 2008.”

No more bail outs. Instead their will be bail-ins, using YOUR money. 

“With a bank bail-in, the bank uses the money of its unsecured creditors, including depositors and bondholders, to restructure their capital so it can stay afloat. In effect, the bank is allowed to convert its debt into equity for the purpose of increasing its capital requirements. A bank can undergo a bail-in quickly through a resolution proceeding, which provides immediate relief to the bank. The obvious risk to bank depositors is the possibility of losing a portion of their deposits.”

.Now that you know that Congress made it legal for the banker-gamblers to steal your stash, you need to be proactive and move your money to safe haven. We don’t know your particular circumstances, so this is NOT financial advice. We have named the TBTF banks that are exposed with derivatives, silver shorts, and other risky investment practices. With Dodd-Frank, your checking and savings accounts are left exposed. 

Get your mask on (which for the first time would make sense). Go inside the bank and withdraw as much cash as allowedand makes you feel comfortable, and/or close your account and move to a community bank or credit union, any place that doesn’t gamble your money like an investment bank does. You are going to rob them of YOUR account, before THEY rob you of what’s in your account.

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