Mon. May 29th, 2023

PS4 reported a few hours ago that Sony’s home console has hit another major milestone, selling roughly twice what the Xbox One has so far managed.
As of  Sunday ( 15th November 2015) total worldwide sales for the PlayStation 4 stood at exactly 30.2 million consoles, according to the latest figures from Sony.
That makes the PlayStation 4 the fastest-selling Sony console ever, and puts it ahead of any of the previous PlayStations at the same point in their lifespan.
Specifically, it’s got to 30 million two months faster than the PlayStation 2 – which is currently the best-selling home console of all time.
Microsoft won’t say how many Xbox Ones it has sold, which is actually the approach Sony took when the PlayStation 3 was clearly behind the Xbox 360.
Unofficial estimates put it at less than 16 million though, barely half of what Sony has managed in the same time period. The Wii U is on around 11 million, after having been out for a year longer than the other two machines.
On the face of it Sony’s runaway success is hard to explain, given there’s little difference in terms of hardware power and the Xbox One has an inarguably superior range of exclusive games.
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