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Princess Margaret lived a colourful life and often rebelled against her royal roots.

The Queen’s sister was reported to have a fling with actor and London gangster John Bindon.

Princess Margaret was a unique member of the British Royal Family who lived life on her own terms. She didn't let being a princess hold her back, and she had a free spirit. She was known for her love of parties and living the high life.


The princess owned a property on the Caribbean island of Mustique, where she often mixed with celebrities such as rock star Mick Jagger.

It was during her time on the island that Princess Margaret met John Bindon, a notorious London gangster, actor, and bodyguard.

John Bindon was not your average gentleman. He was known for his involvement in organised crime and had connections to infamous gangsters such as the Kray Twins.

Despite his questionable reputation, Princess Margaret was drawn to him, and the two embarked on a whirlwind romance.

The couple was often seen openly cavorting on the beach in Mustique, and they continued their relationship even after returning to Britain.

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Princess Margaret romance
John Bindon and Princess Margaret in Mustique in 1970 (Image: GETTY)

Their relationship caused a scandal in the British media because the royal family was expected to keep a certain level of decorum and only hang out with respectable people.

However, Princess Margaret was not one to conform to expectations. She continued to see Bindon despite the public backlash, and they were even rumored to have taken a trip to the United States together, where they partied with Hollywood celebrities and other high-profile figures.

Bindon's unique personality and talent for making Princess Margaret laugh played a significant role in their relationship. He was often called a "court jester," and it was said that one of his X-rated party tricks was to balance five half-pint ale mugs on his manhood.

Princess Margaret romance
Princess Margaret often holidayed in Mustique (Image: GETTY)

During her marriage to photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones, Princess Margaret never said in public that she had an affair.

But many reports, including one in Craig Brown's biography of Princess Margaret called "Ma'am Darling," say that she did date John Bindon.

Ma'am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret. Amazon

In the book, Bindon is quoted as saying that his accent and Cockney phrases confused the princess at times.

The love story between Princess Margaret and John Bindon is an interesting part of the history of the British royal family. It shows how rebellious she is and how willing she is to go against the rules to get what she wants.

When Bindon was killed in 1993, it was a sad reminder of how dangerous the criminal underworld can be. The relationship between Princess Margaret and John Bindon will always be controversial, but it is still an interesting part of the life of one of the most famous royals in Britain.

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