Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

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Scotland Yard is investigating footage which appears to show a plain-clothes police officer hitting a handcuffed teenage suspect with a baton during an arrest in east London.

In the viral footage, the 17-year-old suspect is apparently hit on his legs with a baton as he shouts: “What the f*** are you doing to me, I’m a child.” 

The officer was filmed as he arrested the teenager for possession of Class B drugs with intent to supply in Heath Park Road in Romford. 

As the footage circulated on social media, people accused the officer of using excessive force as the suspect appeared to be struck at least twice with a baton while in handcuffs on Monday. 

A spokeswoman for Metropolitan Police said that the footage and circumstances surrounding the incident is being investigated, although no formal complaint has been received. 

Plain-clothes police officer making an arrest in Romford (Bradley Hughes)

In the video, the teenager gets on his knees and tells the officer “I’m a child, I’m a f***ing child” as one shocked onlooker can be heard saying: “You can’t just hit him like that.” 

The police officer holds the handcuffed teenager down as he said: “Someone dial 999.” 

A police spokeswoman said: “Police were on patrol in Heath Park Road, Romford on Monday, when they found reason to stop and search two teenagers under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

“After a struggle, one male, aged 17, was detained by an officer. 

“He was subsequently searched and was found in possession of class B drugs. He was arrested for possession with intent to supply and obstruction of a drugs search.

“A second male, aged 14, escaped the officers and ran to his home address on Brentwood Road.

“Here, an officer found the male and after another struggle, he was detained. During the struggle the officer was assaulted by the male.

"He was arrested for obstruction and assault on a police officer.”

Both teenagers were taken to an east London police station and released under investigation. 

The footage prompted former Deputy Mayor of London Lee Meta Jasper, who was responsible for policing, to say he wants to make a formal complaint about the footage.

He wrote on Facebook: “I wish to make a formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police Service and Mayor of London about this wanton act of apparent police brutality.

“I am aware that a complaint can [be] submitted through Twitter and wish to exercise my rights to do so now. This type of police racism and brutality is going to cause a riot.

“You have no legitimacy in policing people like this and soon from now, I predict your officers will be routinely resisted, in some areas, as a consequence of your utter failure to reign in officers such as this.” 

Source: Evening Standard

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