Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

The heroin epidemic just may finally have the answer it has been searching to find for years. If you’ve been following the process, a vaccine was invented a few years ago. It was tried on rhesus monkeys and it appears to have done very well. The vaccine just might be available for humans soon.
How does a vaccine help with heroin addiction? It actually blocks the heroin. That means the vaccine will keep the user from getting high. So, they won’t bang anymore heroin if it’s not going to do anything. That could eventually cure an addict.
They’ll still have the stuff going through them though. Could it lead to overdoses since the user might be inclined to do more heroin if they can’t get high? I’m sure this and other questions are concerns that researchers have to face.
But they feel good about their vaccine. The research is the product of the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in which Kim Janda is the study leader.
“This validates our previous rodent data and positions our vaccine in a favorable light for anticipated clinical evaluation,” said Janda. “We believe this vaccine candidate will prove safe for human trials.”
There are other studies for different drugs like fentanyl that is responsible for so many deaths these days. That would be a great drug to beat with so many overdoses that are in the news every day. But will a vaccine be the answer?
It certainly seems possible. The addict has to want it first, which I believe there are many addicts out there who want to quit. They just don’t have the ability. Once they start seeing the effects in action, they can use their resources to buy drugs as resources to get off of drugs. It’s definitely worth a shot that could save someone’s life one day.


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