Nas recently released his flashy video for “The Don,” the first single from his upcoming 10th LP Life is Good and during Wednesday’s episode of “RapFix Live” we premiered some behind-the-scenes footage from the video. The final product finds Nas atop the stunning James Hotel in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, interspersed with some concert footage and other explosive shots.
“This what it looks like when you did your thing, for a long time in the game,” Nas told MTV News from the video set. “This is what it looks like, when you did your thing in the rap game or any game…and you’re that kid.”
Nas filmed one scene from the video at the James’ rooftop pool, where he was decked out in a pretty snazzy outfit, courtesy of stylist June Ambrose. “Nas is coloblocking with a bold bright pink jacket, which is very reminiscent of when we did “Street Dreams,” Ambrose explained. An enthusiastic Nas jumped into the frame to add, “I ain’t wore this since ’96, we back!”
Back in March, the Queens rapper explained how he ended up with the beat for “The Don.” “When Salaam played me the beat for it, I said, ‘That’s the single — do this and do that and we’re golden.’ So he started flipping it around,” Nas said of the first time he heard the instrumentals. “When we heard that Heavy D died, of course we were messed up, and Salaam called me and told me, ‘You know your record “The Don”? You know who gave me that, right?’
“He’s like, ‘Heavy D gave me that. He liked what we did with the other single, “Nasty,” and he sent me this record.’ And the rest is history,” Nas continued. “So rest in peace, Heavy D.
Taken from Rapfix.Mtv .com

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