‘My Dream Job is Over,’ Says teacher Accused of Having Sex with two Students

A teacher admitted to making regrettable errors that had a negative impact on her career

A teacher admitted to making regrettable errors that had a negative impact on her career, but vehemently denied engaging in any inappropriate relationships with two teenage students.

Rebecca Joynes, 30, acknowledged that she had violated safeguarding rules as a teacher by communicating with the boys on Snapchat and subsequently inviting them to her flat in Salford Quays.

She had already been suspended from her high school job and was on bail for alleged sexual activity with one boy when she allegedly engaged in a similar activity with another boy, who she later became pregnant by.

Both teenagers must remain unidentified.

Joynes vehemently denies any sexual activity occurring with boy A, despite the presence of his semen on her bedsheets. She claims that her relationship with boy B only began after he had finished school and she had lost her job as a teacher. According to Joynes, since she was no longer in a position of trust, no legal offence was committed.

A school teacher named Rebecca Joynes has appeared at Manchester Crown Court, facing charges of engaging in sexual activity with two teenagers. The charges include two counts of engaging in sexual activity while in a position of trust as a teacher.

During the second day of cross-examination, prosecutor Joe Allman highlighted “similarities” in both cases as he questioned the defendant.

According to him, both boys were 15 years old when they started visiting her flat, and they had been using Snapchat to communicate, a platform where messages are deleted and cannot be retrieved by the police.

In both instances, the behaviour was concealed from their parents and both boys showed interest in her. Boy A referred to her as “attractive” while boy B sent her a message with an inappropriate request.

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“What was your response?” According to Mr. Allman’s statement.

“Smiling faces,” Joynes replied.

According to Mr. Allman, Joynes responded in a way that was unclear instead of taking action to address this behaviour.

“Can we remind ourselves, this is a 15-year-old boy,” Mr Allman said.

“I know, yes,” Joynes said.

Joynes maintained sex with boy B only began after he turned 16, had left school and she was dismissed from her high school job.

Mr Allman said, “So, even though you have been having boy B around your flat since the age of 15, sex only began within five days of being dismissed?”

“Yes,” replied Joynes.

Mr Allman remarked, “You didn’t find him attractive until it was legally permissible.”

Boy B testified to the jury that during his time in school, Joynes engaged in inappropriate behaviour with him at her flat. On a separate occasion, they had a sexual encounter while he was still a student.

Following Joynes’ arrest, she was subsequently suspended from her job and released on bail, as authorities conducted an investigation into allegations of contact with Boy A.

Joynes mentioned that boy B reached out to check on her well-being, and since she was feeling lonely, she appreciated the attention and their friendship blossomed.

They would take leisurely strolls together and he would occasionally drop by her flat in Salford, as she found it more comfortable to stay there instead of with her parents on the Wirral.

Joynes admitted, “When I spoke to my family, I realised I had made some errors that ultimately jeopardised my chances of landing my dream job.”

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According to Mr. Allmans, Joynes made the decision to spend time with a 15-year-old boy in Salford, despite having a supportive family, a sister, and a best friend back home.

“How can that second scenario possibly be appealing to you?” According to Mr. Allman’s statement.

Joynes admitted to making a foolish decision by selecting that option, clearly disregarding their bail conditions.

The defendant argued that the relationship turned sexual after she had stopped being a teacher, but later on, she described boy B as “controlling” and the relationship became strained.

Mr Allman pointed out the need to examine the actual situation. You were 29, living in a flat, had a comfortable income, and drove an Audi A1.

“He was a child, and you were an adult. You were a teacher while he was a pupil.

“He resided with his parents, who were unaware of your interactions with him. Who was in control?

Jurors were presented with the dilemma faced by Joynes and the boy, as they struggled to reach a decision regarding the future of the baby.

Boy B asserts that he attempted to terminate the relationship but struggled with finding the right approach. He referred to her as a “paedo” and suggested that she should seek companionship with someone her own age. However, he maintains that Joynes exerted emotional pressure to sustain their relationship.

Mr Allman mentioned a letter she wrote to boy B, in which she expressed admiration for his perfection. You are constantly on my mind, occupying my every thought.

Joynes mentioned that this occurred a year after he finished school. I had strong feelings for him. I was carrying his baby.

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Joynes is facing six counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, including two instances where he was in a position of trust.

The trial has been postponed until Wednesday morning.

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