Marley Tribute Track By Lyrical Healer




Genre: Reggae β€“ Pop

Single release: Tuesday 23rd July 2019 

β€œThis is an inspiring tribute song for any article Bob Marley fan” β€“ Lyrical Healer 

Lyrical Healer sings β€˜Marley’ extoling the talent of the greatest exponent of reggae music ever, Robert Nesta Marley! She salutes him as a leader, visionary and soldier of the people.

Television channel GT Caribbean Network will be exclusively streaming the lyrics video to 22 Caribbean islands, upon the iTunes single release date Tuesday 23rd July 2019.

Marley is taken from the EP β€˜Get Up 3000’. In this hybrid and very infectious loveable track, Bob Marley is passionately recollected and celebrated for his musical genius.

Lyrical, has an inspiring stage presence as a Singer, Poet and Author. During her 20-year career she has performed at the Houses of Parliament, Chelsea,Arsenal & Millwall Football Stadiums, X-Factor, Southbank, Greenwich O2 and various hot spots in England, UK. 

Executive Producer: Kenny Mackay. Produced and mixed by Stuart Green for 3 Chronicles Studio. BV’s:Adante. Mastered in Kingston, Jamaica at Anchor Recording Studio by the legendary Gussie Clarke.

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