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MAKING THE VIDEO: KingKaz (SpiritMan) “I Did It Again”

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We had the privilege to join London based producer and Artist KingKaz aka SpiritMan, for the “I did it Again” video shoot, that took place on Saturday 23rd April 2016.

One thing I can definitely tell you about  KingKaz is that he know how to bring people together. A number of well known UK artists turned up, all blacked out to support KingKaz in the making of the “I Did It Again video”, due to be released in early May 2016 (Date TBC). Directed by Quincy J Isah

BBless Records artist and team members on the set: KingDada, Aj Kareem, Menvu, DSL, Hope Opaiq and Quest.  Also in he house:  Adasnoop Kings, Young Brova, Jay Massive, Avinco, Proff The Great and the list goes on….

For those of you that didn’t make it there #WeGotYourBack #WeGotItCovered

Here are some pictures from the day.














Young Brova, KingKaz  and Adasnoop Kings 


KingDada and KingKaz 


Quest, Aj Kareem, KingDada, DSL and KingKaz 




Hope Opaiq 


Quincy J Isah (Videographer)


King Dada, Adasnoop, KingKaz and Jay Massive 

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