Out: Kenneth Noye leaving Standford Hill jail on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent

This is the first picture in almost 20 years of Kenneth Noye, one of Britain’s most notorious murderers, walking out of open prison.

Noye was photographed leaving Standford Hill jail on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent at just after 9am on Friday morning.

It is thought to be the first time that Noye has been allowed out of jail in two decades.

Noye, now aged 70, was ordered to serve a minimum 16 years after stabbing to death Stephen Cameron in a road-rage attack on the M25 in Kent in 1996. He was arrested in 1998 while on the run in Spain and convicted in 2000.

Last summer, the Parole Board authorised Noye’s transfer to an open prison, paving the way for his first moments of freedom on day release on Friday.

Noye, wearing dark glasses, a black tracksuit top and grey jogging bottoms, walked out of the prison entrance an, along a path and climbed into a 4×4 car before being driven off by the female driver.

Noye appeared apprehensive and looked furtively around before climbing into the car.

When Noye murdered 21-year-old Cameron, he was out on licence having been convicted in 1986 of handling stolen goods from the Brink’s-Mat robbery, in which £26 million worth of gold bullion, diamonds and cash were stolen from a warehouse at Heathrow airport.

A year earlier – in 1985 – Noye was acquitted of stabbing a police officer to death in the grounds of his home in Kent. The detective John Fordham had been part of a surveillance team investigating Noye for his role in the Brink’s-Mat robbery. Noye claimed he had been acting in self-defence and had mistaken the undercover police officer for an intruder.

May 1999: Noye in custody at Dartford Police Station CREDIT: PA

Noye served eight years of a 14-year sentence for his part in Brink’s-Mat and had only been out of jail two years when he killed Cameron.

Noye went on the run after the murder of Cameron but was caught in southern Spain after Cameron’s girlfriend was secretly flown out by police and identified him.

Cameron’s girlfriend was forced to change her identity for her own safety.

Stephen Lee Cameron
Stephen Lee Cameron, 21, who was stabbed to death by Noye in front of his girlfriend CREDIT: PA

Cameron’s father has spoken of his digust that Noye was recommended for open prison and day release. Ken Cameron said last year: “I am totally gutted. It’s devastating. “If Noye goes to an open prison he will just disappear – no doubt about it.

“I’m sure he’ll have money stashed away and he’ll vanish from open prison to live out the rest of his days somewhere.

“I have never wanted revenge, I have only wanted justice for Stephen. And I do not think that man deserves to be on the streets.

“He should die in prison, and I hope he does.”

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