Israeli Demonstrators Block relief trucks Bound for Gaza

Israeli demonstrators obstructed assistance vehicles bound for Gaza on Monday, hurling food packages down the road and ripping open grain bags in the occupied West Bank.

The trucks, which were stopped at the Tarqumiya crossing west of Hebron, had come from Jordan and were on their way to the Gaza Strip, where tens of thousands of Palestinians face food and humanitarian shortages.

The White House has condemned the attack, condemning the “looting” of assistance convoys as “a total outrage”.

The organisation apparently organised the rally claimed they were protesting the prolonged incarceration of Israeli hostages in Gaza.

Unverified images circulated on social media shows demonstrators knocking boxes off lorries and stomping on them as they fell.

Later that evening, other recordings showed vehicles being set on fire. MickstagesUK

In a statement quoted by the Jerusalem Post, Tzav 9 condemned some of the demonstrators’ conduct, stating that “acts were committed today that are not in line with the values of our movement.”

It clarified that “blocking the trucks is an effective and practical step in which we shout that ‘no aid passes until the last of the hostages returns'” .

Four protestors, including a youngster, were arrested during the event, according to a statement from their attorneys.

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan stated that the demonstrators’ actions was “completely and utterly unacceptable” and that the White House was raising its concerns with “the highest level of the Israeli government.”

has been unable to independently verify these.

According to Israeli media sources, the Tzav 9 activist group organised the rally.

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According to Israeli media reports, it is a right-wing group that wants to restrict humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza while Israeli hostages are being held there.

One demonstrator told the AFP news agency that she was at the crossing on Monday because she heard aid trucks were on their way to “the hands of the Hamas, who are attempting to kill other soldiers and Israeli citizens.”

Hana Giat, 33, stated that “no food should go into Gaza” until Israeli hostages are returned “healthy and alive”.

Many members of the international community are deeply concerned about the humanitarian situation in Gaza, which is the intended destination of the supply trucks.

The World Food Programme of the United Nations has warned that Palestinians in northern Gaza are facing a “full-blown famine”. While in the south, where the majority of Palestinians have taken refuge, the humanitarian situation is deteriorating.

Israel has always maintained its commitment to supporting humanitarian aid delivery into and within Gaza, accusing Hamas of stealing aid intended for civilians.

Monday’s incident occurred on Israel’s Memorial Day, when the country paused to pay tribute to those who had died in conflict.

According to Israel’s defence ministry, 826 members of the security forces have been added to the list of the country’s fallen this year, along with 834 victims of terrorist assaults.

Almost all of them were related to the Hamas strikes on October 7 and the subsequent battle in Gaza.

Israel launched a military assault in Gaza to eliminate Hamas in reaction to the group’s invasion on southern Israel last year, which killed over 1,200 people and kidnapped 252 more, according to Israeli officials.

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More than 35,090 Palestinians have died in Gaza since then, according to the territory’s Hamas-controlled health ministry.

While Israel’s offensive has centred on the Gaza Strip, tensions between Israeli settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank have risen since the war began.

According to Peace Now, around 700,000 Israelis and 2.7 million Palestinians live in 160 settlements throughout the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Almost the entire international world considers the settlements illegal, while Israel denies this.

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