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Shamima Begum the ex-Jihadi bride and member of the terrorist organisation ISIS, a 23-year-old Londoner, is attempting to explain why she left a secure and loving family home to join a dreadful murderous tyranny.

Shamima Begum’s Lawyer Tells Her Truth (Uncensored)

At the age of 15, Shamima and two of her other close friends travelled from London to Turkey to join the Islamic State.

The story of the Bethnal Green girls, who became famous all over the world, spread like wildfire, but the authorities were unable to locate them.

After a difficult period of four years, Shamima finally showed up, requesting to be allowed to move back in with her family along with her third kid.

Despite this, she did not demonstrate any sign of contrition; therefore, the authorities in Britain revoked her passport and detained her in Syria.

Begum is still a controversial and divisive figure, even though she became famous out of nowhere and was featured in a documentary that aired last night on BBC2.

In 2015, Shamima and her two companions ran away from London to join Islamic State.

Reporter Josh Baker claims that she had a difficult time adjusting to life in Britain and that the propaganda put out by ISIS drove her to leave the country and join the group.

She claims she left her home in February 2015 for Gatwick and lied about needing more lessons, and that her mom agreed with what she told her. I boarded the bus and waved goodbye to her as I drove away. “Knowing I wouldn’t see her again, I regret not bidding her a proper goodbye.”

She states that she converted to Islam “to be accepted” among her peers, and she characterises her smuggling over the Syrian border into Turkey as “exhilarating” and “like a dream.”

Her account is that the “dream” ended abruptly and without warning. Prior to her marriage to the Islamic fighter Yago Riedijk, Shamima claims that she was held captive and tortured while residing in a “madafa,” which is a housing facility for unmarried women. She claims that she was subjected to harsh imprisonment.

The fact that Shamima claims she has never received any training in constructing suicide vests or recruiting new members for ISIS raised suspicions about her involvement with the terrorist organisation.

When questioned about the crimes committed by ISIS, such as the execution of American journalist James Foley and the beheading of British hostage Alan Henning, Shamima claimed that she was unaware of these events.

She continues by stating, “It’s like when you’re in love and you don’t want to see the person’s faults.” “I made excuses for them.”

She said, “I’m ashamed of myself for being so stupid and falling for something like this.” “I have a lot of regret,” she replied when asked how she felt about what had occurred.

Moments in which she discusses the deaths of her three children are exceptionally heartbreaking, and it is possible that you will feel terrible for her because of them.

She maintains that her son’s demise was brought on by her inability to provide him with adequate nourishment. Following that, my daughter had a significant loss of weight, finally became too weak to stand, and stopped breathing altogether.

“I was living for her; she kept me going.” So when she died, my whole world collapsed around me. “The only reason I didn’t kill myself is because I was pregnant with my second son.”

According to ITV, the nature of Shamima’s links to ISIS is yet unknown. Her desperate request to be permitted to go back to Britain was prompted by the fact that her third child was about to pass away as a result of illness.

As Shamima was a victim of grooming and child trafficking, her legal representatives argue that she should be allowed to return home. “They were children; they were manipulated,” recounts Salman Farsi, a former communications officer at the East London Mosque.

Others, on the other hand, believe that she poses a risk to national security, that she is a traitor, and that she is an extremely dangerous individual due to the fact that she deliberately joined a terrorist organisation.

Tim Loughton, a member of parliament who investigated her abduction, goes on to remark that one should not expect the “niceties of what Western democracies and Western justice stand for” when one “throws their lot in with the devil.”

Shamima believes that she has been made a scapegoat for ISIS, despite the fact that she did not do any wrongdoing.

The following are some of the things she is said to have said: “ISIS was the worst thing of the 21st century, and I was a part of it.” “And now I have to face the consequences of my actions.”


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