India Schoolchildren were “Not Given Life Jackets” in Vadodara boat Catastrophe.

Concerns have been raised by parents of school students who were on the boat that capsized in a lake in India’s Gujarat state. They claim that their children were not provided with life jackets.

A tragic incident occurred on Thursday at Harni Lake in Vadodara city, where twelve young pupils, aged between seven and 12 years, along with two teachers, lost their lives due to drowning.

Authorities have apprehended two individuals in relation to the incident.

Efforts are currently being made to locate the remaining victims.

According to authorities, a total of eighteen students and two teachers have been successfully rescued and are currently receiving medical treatment at a nearby hospital.

Although the reason behind the incident remains unknown, individuals who were present at the scene reported that the boat was filled with more than its permitted capacity of 14 passengers.

The tragic incident has garnered widespread attention, with numerous parents expressing their concerns about the authorities’ alleged disregard for safety regulations, potentially putting their children at risk.

According to Asma Sheikh, a relative of a rescued student, school authorities reportedly failed to provide life jackets to the students, despite being informed about the picnic and boat ride.

Family members express their emotions upon arriving at Harni Lake, the location of the incident.

According to Federal minister Harsh Sanghvi, it was observed that a significant number of passengers on the boat were not wearing life jackets, with only 10 students being the exception.

During BBC Gujarati’s visit to the accident site on Thursday, a number of parents had congregated near the lake. There were concerns raised about the lack of proper safety equipment provided to the students who boarded the boat.

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“This incident is a clear example of negligence…it is the direct responsibility of the system, the government, and the school,” one concerned parent expressed.

Several parents have claimed that they were not given any information regarding the boat ride and the incident.

According to Naushin Gandhi, the sister of one of the students who tragically passed away, The Times of India newspaper reported that the school had initially informed them about a planned trip to a water park. However, it turned out that the students were taken to a lake instead.

“Since the incident, I made numerous attempts to reach out to the school authorities but received no response,” she claimed.

According to concerned parents, these incidents, caused by the negligence of Gujarat authorities, have been occurring with alarming frequency.

Efforts are currently being made to locate the remaining individuals affected

In October, a tragic incident occurred in Morbi, resulting in the loss of at least 135 lives. A pedestrian suspension bridge collapsed, causing devastation and heartbreak.

According to Mr. Sanghvi, the operator of the boat and contractor are responsible for the recent incident, which he believes should not be dismissed as a mere “mistake”.

An inquiry into the incident has been ordered by the Gujarat government, with a report requested within 10 days.

As per reports from local media, approximately 80 students from New Sunrise School recently enjoyed a picnic. During the outing, some students opted for a boat ride while others participated in different activities.

According to an official speaking to BBC Gujarati, the boat started to lean due to a problem with its “balance” and eventually capsized.

Boat accidents are a frequent occurrence in India, with vessels often being overcrowded, poorly maintained, and lacking safety equipment.

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In India’s southern Kerala state, a tragic incident occurred last year where 22 lives were lost due to a boat capsizing.

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