Wed. Aug 10th, 2022
Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein at the Balmoral lodge Credit: PA

A PHOTO of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein relaxing in the Queen’s log cabin at Balmoral was shown during her trial.

The never-before-seen photograph shows the couple at Her Majesty’s Scottish residence, where Prince Andrew is said to have hosted multi-millionaire paedophile Epstein in 1999.

The Queen is seated in the same location at the lodge.
The lodge is located in Glen Beg on the Queen’s estate in Scotland. Credit: Getty

The never-before-seen photos show the 59-year-old socialite’s intimate relationship with the sex offender.

The date of the photograph is unknown, but it has previously been reported that the couple was invited there by Prince Andrew in 1999.

Maxwell can be seen leaning against Epstein on the porch of the Queen’s log cabin in Glen Beg.

At her trial, images of Ghislaine Maxwell rubbing Jeffrey Epstein’s feet were shown. Credit: PA

Maxwell and Epstein were in a relationship, but prosecutors claim they stayed in touch after it ended. PA is to blame. Credit: PA

According to reports, Epstein’s entourage, which included a model in her twenties, was hosted by Prince Andrew.

The Duke of York’s relationship with Epstein has come under scrutiny in recent years, despite his vehement denial of any wrongdoing.

Previously, during Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial, the paedo’s former pilot Lawrence Visoski named Andrew as a passenger aboard Epstein’s private planes.

Along with Trump, Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker, Kevin Spacey, and others, his name was mentioned.

The Duke of York refused to comment on the photograph.

Maxwell is accused of “serving up” girls for former lover Epstein to abuse, as well as participating in some of the attacks, which she denies.

There were also creepy photographs released of Maxwell giving Epstein a foot massage.

Maxwell and Epstein were in a relationship, but prosecutors claim they stayed in touch after it ended. Credit: PA

Two of the photos released show her massaging Epstein’s feet on his private plane, dubbed the ‘Lolita Express.’

In another photo, Maxwell’s arms are wrapped around him in an intimate embrace.

There are also photos of the couple on vacation with their arms around one another her kissing him.

According to testimony at Maxwell’s trial, she and Epstein were in a relationship but remained “the best of friends” after they split.

Prosecutors have called them “partners in crime” in the sexual abuse of girls.

The images were discovered on CDs in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion following his arrest on sex trafficking charges in 2019.

The jury was also shown photos of the couple kissing and her naked on a beach that cops seized from his Palm Beach mansion in 2005.

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