Gabar Ya-Ahla displays a Poetic style mixed with raw Hip hop in its perfection. His music is to inspire the listener and address real issues and enlighten one to Truth of THE MOST HIGH AND HIS SON YASHAYA (Jesus Christ) In these last days. abstract rap,commercial
Gabar Ya-Ahla plays guitar(indie rock) and has been involved in music since the age of 14 and is also a singer and songwriter.

Gabriel ‘Gabar YaAhla’ formally known as Blacksmith, the conscious minded talent to emerge from the Hebrew community with a complex conscious lyrical rhythmic flow. The name ‘Blacksmith’ derived from the name ‘black skin’, given to him in jest during time in prison in his younger years.

After reading a precept referring to the description of a ‘smith’ within the bible, he decided to combine the words ‘black’ and ‘smith’ together, forming the name ‘Blacksmith’.

After maturing to an older age, Gabar YaAhla stumbled across a YouTube video of Hebrew Israelite teachers. after much anticipation, he further researched and decided to become involved within the Hebrew community. This new way and understanding of life directed him to go back to the origin of Hebrew roots and ancient language, calling himself Gabar YaAhla (the correct spelling being Gabar ya’ahla, translated from Gabriel into the Phoenician Hebrew).


From a young age  Gabar YaAhla was brought up by his mother and older sibling in a house of Christian morals, these morals and practises included attending Sunday church, prayer and receiving spiritual advice. Gabar YaAhla grew to write raps under the name ‘Blacksmith’ with a message but from the stance of which he knew best, complementing his childhood upbringing. This style had positive messages but also contained profanity. It was within the years of 2015 that Gabar ya’ahla heard, what is to be known as ’the truth’ and decided to turn a new leaf in his life and lyrical content. This included giving up smoking, distancing himself from old friends from the streets and refraining from dabbling in contraband.

Gabar Ya’ahla has now made a differentiation within his lyrics and lifestyle, coming to the realisation of his true purpose in life. The purpose being, to spread the true gospel to the four corners and awakening the lost tribes of Israel, known to be the un-awoken Hebrew Israelites within the earth.

Trying to display a difference between the average rappers and musicians of today, Gabar Ya’ahla has made a point to educate within his lyrics, pushing precepts, knowledge and wise words to its boundaries.

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