Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

Elizabeth Hurley has denied rumours that she stole Prince Harry's virginity years ago, as purportedly mentioned in his upcoming book.

The actress addressed the rumour, reported by The Times, that Harry had his first sexual experience with teenage model Hurley. This is not true, as EH vehemently argues in an interview with the publication.

"Not me," she is reported to have said. No wrongdoing. Ha!” The author seems to be following up with her by writing, "Something about that 'ha!' gives me pause," to which Hurley responds, "No. Not me. Yes, of course not.

The Times reports that Hurley previously owned a farmhouse in Gloucestershire (northwest of London and slightly south of Birmingham), where she enjoyed banging on a rug in front of the fireplace.

Another rumour claims Harry will reveal in "Spare" that he had his first sexual experience as a teenager with an attractive older woman in the "countryside," though he allegedly doesn't reveal her name or any other details that would identify her.

Concerning the connection to Liz, The Times offers only, "There's a rumour it was Hurley," without explaining where the hell they're getting that. At this point, it has entered the realm of urban legend.

We did the math and it helps sketch out a possible timeline for when this alleged hookup might have taken place. From 2002 until 2015, when Hurley was the owner of this abode, Harry would have been a teenager.

If this is true (Hurley insists it isn't), then H, as Meg calls him, would have been around 18 years old. Speculatively, you're doing okay, big fella.

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