Egyptian temple in Abydos: Ancient art depicts flying aircraft, helicopters and submarines

Astonishing images have emerged of a wall in an ancient Egyptian temple in Abydos. The wall is engraved with hieroglyphics, the pictorial alphabet of the ancient Egyptians and is presumed to have been embellished over a period of around a thousand years. The newest hieroglyphics are around two thousand years old and that the oldest are believed to be around three thousand years old.

These images are baffling to Egyptologists because they appear to depict several forms of present day technology. Among the array of hieroglyphics it appears that modern day vehicles are depicted including a helicopter, a submarine, an aircraft and what looks like a zeppelin. The most intriguing of all of these is the hieroglyphic referred to as the Saqqara bird which bears a resemblance to a small jet airplane. This particular image piqued the interests of engineers who managed to recreate a flying machine shaped like a Saqqara and found it to be capable of aerodynamic flight.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics appear to show modern flying machines

It is very typical for modern day humans to imagine our ancestors who lived thousands of years ago as living in very primitive and technologically crude societies but the ancient Egyptian civilisation has contradicted this assumption time and time again. The question is; what exactly was so special about them?

According to some theorists, the ancient Egyptians were the beneficiaries of aliens who gifted them with knowledge of technology just as advanced, if not more advanced, than our present day technological accomplishments. While the theory is dismissed by many historians, it could explain why Egyptologists cannot begin to fathom the hieroglyphics in the temple of Abydos. Another mystery that could be explained in this way is the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza which was built more advanced technology than any of the later pyramids in Egypt, or indeed, almost any structure in the world until the present day.

Whatever one may think about how the ancient Egyptians developed such advanced technology, the hieroglyphics of Abydos must now join the Great Pyramid as one of the great unsolved mysteries of the Ancient Egyptians.

Posted above is a photograph of a wall in an ancient Egyptian temple at Abydos. Look at the hieroglyphics very carefully.

Do you see anything strange?


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