Mon. May 29th, 2023

On the recommendation of his physicians, Sam Smith has canceled his next performances in Birmingham and Glasgow.

He had to end his Manchester performance on Wednesday after just four songs owing to "a vocal cord injury."

The 31-year-old "Heartbroken" star's representative posted on Instagram that doctors had advised "complete vocal rest."

They warned that if they kept singing, their voice would suffer long-term damage. "They will be able to perform again if they take a break."

There are refunds available, the singer claimed.

On account of their health, they recently cancelled a show in Glasgow and rescheduled it for Thursday, May 25. The Birmingham event was also moved to the following Saturday.

All three of the now-cancelled shows' ticket holders will be able to request a refund at the place of purchase.

After kicking off the event at Manchester's AO Arena with a promising rendition of the smash song Unholy and only hours after teasing a big "surprise" on social media, the singer—who prefers the pronouns they/they—had to end it early on Wednesday.

But as soon as the venue went dark, the event came to an abrupt end, and the performer fled the stage, fans were left perplexed.

Smith then revealed that he was having "vocal issues" to the crowd.

I apologize.

An embarrassed Smith had earlier admitted on Instagram that they had caught a virus before the European part of their tour, but that they hadn't felt sick again until the start of Wednesday's performance.

"Today in soundcheck I felt fine and was so excited to give Manchester an amazing show tonight, with a special surprise at the end," they claimed in their statement.

"I discovered a problem with my voice during my third song. I hoped that it was only my voice warming up for the performance, but after the fourth song, I knew that something was seriously wrong.

"I came off stage and tried everything to get my voice back in gear, but it won't," Smith continued.

"I truly regret that I was unable to complete the show for you all tonight. I adore each of you. I'm very sorry. I'm so sorry.

What occurred at the concert in Manchester?

Sam Smith Performs at a concert at Manchester

through BBC North West Tonight at the AO Arena, journalist Will Higgens

Sam Smith exited the stage shortly after they had led the crowd in a sing-along of four of their most well-known songs, including Stay with Me and Like I Can. As a prelude to the first act of the show, the words "1: Love" showed briefly on the screen before being shut off. The arena lights remained dim.

An statement claiming there was a technical issue they were working on fixing and that they hoped to get the show running again soon occurred after a few moments of semi-darkness.

Assuming that the play would resume its regular schedule in a few minutes, several people took advantage of the unexpected interlude to visit the bar and restroom. But as time went on, the atmosphere shifted, with some speculating about the worst or saying that if they did come back on stage, the set would need to be cut short because the curfew was drawing nearer.

The announcement came after about 20 minutes, and we were informed that more details will be provided. With a few sporadic boos, the mood was one of natural disappointment. Many customers merely wanted to know if they would receive a refund or a new date, while others complained they would need to take an additional day off work and make new travel arrangements.

Instead of giving any indication that they were having any problems, Sam gushed to the crowd about how thrilled they were to be playing in Manchester, naming it their favorite show from their previous tour and promised a bonus surprise song at the end. After many fans had begun their journeys home, they merely spoke briefly in an Instagram story to apologize while providing no other details.

They sang Too Good at Goodbyes as their final song, which was really fitting.

Social media users who attended the Manchester venue expressed their dissatisfaction.

Rach Payne posted on Twitter, "Gutted [the] Sam Smith show has been cancelled after four songs." The show was "truly devastating because it was on its way to being an amazing show."

What a great shame! Sam Smith, you sound fantastic. Take care. Stephen Donne said

"What a bummer. Will Dennigan continued, "I hope Sam Smith is okay despite everything and will be ready to perform shortly at full strength.

Smith, a Grammy and Brit Award winner known for songs like Too Good at Goodbyes and I'm Not the Only One, debuted Gloria earlier this year at number one in the UK.

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