Channel 4 News has commissioned a drill MC to create a track that uses real quotes from MPs where they used violent rhetoric.

Drill, which is a form of rap music from Chicago that was exported into south London in the late 2010s, has been widely criticised by MPs and the media for its dark and often violent lyrics, and was cited as a cause of the spike in violence in London over summer this year.

Published on Oct 23, 2018

It’s been blamed by politicians and police for inciting violence – the soundtrack to a surge in knife crime. MPs have accused Drill artists of “glorifying violence”.
But are Parliamentarians in any position to lecture them – after a week of distasteful, anonymous briefings about metaphorically knifing Theresa May?
We asked one drill artist to record those words in his own style – to see how they come across in a very different context.
Here’s Symeon Brown – and a warning, there is offensive language in his report.
(This report and music video was produced by Boya Dee.)
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