Mon. May 29th, 2023

The allegations of doping in UK sports have once again come to light with reports that a doctor, Dr. Mark Bonar, had been providing performance-enhancing drugs to athletes.

The claims, made by The Sunday Times, have sparked outrage from sports fans and officials. In this blog post, we will examine the latest developments and the calls for an independent investigation.

The Allegations

According to the report, Dr. Bonar ran a private clinic in London and gave athletes banned substances for more than six years. Some of the substances were said to be steroids, growth hormones, and EPO, which is a hormone that makes more red blood cells. In its report, the newspaper named a few famous athletes who had been treated by Dr. Bonar.

Dr Mark Bonar was due to face a disciplinary tribunal in Manchester

These athletes included an England footballer, a British boxing champion, and a Tour de France cyclist. The accusations have shocked the sports world, and many people are outraged and want something to be done to make sure that all athletes are competing on the same level. 

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Calls for Investigation: Culture, Media, and Sport Secretary John Whittingdale has called for an independent investigation to be conducted to find out what was done when the claims were first made and what else needs to be done to keep British sports clean. Mr. Whittingdale stated, "Sports fans are entitled to be sure that what they are watching is true and fair, with all athletes competing on a level playing field."

UK Anti-Doping Agency Response: The UK Anti-Doping Agency has confirmed that it launched an investigation into Dr. Bonar, but that he fell outside of their authority and that they did not consider there were grounds to send the case to the General Medical Council.

An inquiry accused Bonar of doping 150 top players and athletes at his Harley Street practice, pictured. Bonar strongly denied the doping allegations.

Dr. Bonar's Response: When the newspaper made the claims public, Dr. Bonar denied them and asserted that he had not violated any GMC regulations.

The allegations have once again highlighted the need for stronger measures to prevent doping in sports and to ensure that all athletes are competing on a level playing field. The UK government has already started reviewing existing legislation to determine whether stronger criminal sanctions are needed.


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