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Award-winning comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked live during the Netflix is a Joke Fest in Los Angeles, according to footage circulating on the internet.

Dave Chappelle, an award-winning comedian, was recently assaulted on stage in Los Angeles during an appearance for the Netflix Is a Joke Fest.

As the comedian’s show was nearing its close, an anonymous man stormed the stage and tackled him. According to social media sources, the assailant was swiftly dealt with by a number of security personnel. Chappelle appeared unharmed and continued on with his show.

In footage from the aftermath, the assailant appears to be severely damaged, with bruises and a broken arm.

Backstage, the comic was joined by his security team and the assailant. Soon after, Chappelle reappeared to wrap up the night, asking actor Jamie Foxx on stage to speak. “I thought that was part of the show,” Foxx said. The actor later continued, “Listen, I just want to say that this man is an absolute genius.” We’ve got to make sure we protect him at all times.

For every comedian who comes out here, this means everything. You’re a genius. You’re a legend, and we’re not going to let anything happen to you. ” Foxx was among those who followed security backstage with the attacker.

The incident gained widespread attention rapidly, prompting analogies to the historic Oscars episode involving comedian Chris Rock and actor Will Smith. Smith reacted to a joke directed at Jada Pinkett-Smith by jumping onto the stage and striking comedian Chris Rock in the face, then returning to his seat and ranting at the comic from across the room. Shortly after, the actor, as well as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, became the object of widespread criticism.

The similarity between these two occurrences has been reinforced in part by allegations that Rock, who was also present at Chapplle’s show and played afterwards, joked, “Was that Will Smith?” However, it appears that most of it is centred on whether Smith’s public acts at the Oscars unwittingly encouraged the assault upon Chappelle, which many believed would incite others to behave in the same way.

Furthermore, after recovering from the assault, Chappelle joked to the audience at the Hollywood Bowl, “It was a trans man.” The remark has sparked outrage on social media, with opponents claiming that it reinforces and encourages transphobic attitudes, making them dangerous to the LGBTQ+ community.

While Chappelle has maintained that he is not transphobic and supports the trans community, numerous of his specials have sparked outrage because they appear to target and mock members of the trans community. The Hollywood Reporter and Twitter were used as sources.

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