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Clinton McKenzie is a retired British professional boxer who made a name for himself in the sport with his aggressive fighting style and his ability to come back from adversity in the ring.

Throughout his career, McKenzie competed in the lightweight and light welterweight divisions and held several prestigious titles, including the Commonwealth lightweight title and the British light welterweight title. He is also a former European light welterweight champion.

McKenzie began his professional career in 1976 and quickly made a name for himself in the sport. He won his first major title, the British Super Lightweight title, in 1978 against Jim Montague in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In 1979, Clinton McKenzie and Colin Powers fought twice for the British Super Lightweight Title. Their first fight was a competitive and close-fought battle, with both fighters displaying skill and determination but falling short on points to McKenzie. In the end, McKenzie was able to regain his title with a hard-fought victory over Powers in their second fight of the same year. This win solidified McKenzie’s status as one of the top fighters in the division and demonstrated his ability to perform at the highest level. The fight against Powers remains one of the highlights of McKenzie’s career and is remembered as an exciting and memorable bout.

Clinton McKenzie vs Colin Powers – 1979

On January 8, 1981, Clinton McKenzie faced off against Des Morrison in a highly anticipated fight that went the full 15 rounds. Both competitors showed their mettle and skill in the intense contest. The fight was close throughout, but in the end, McKenzie was able to outbox his opponent and win the match.

In another 15-round bout a few months later, McKenzie faced Sylvester Mitty. McKenzie won the match with a dominant performance, confirming his status as a top-tier fighter. McKenzie’s ability to perform at the highest level over the course of lengthy fights was solidified in these two bouts, further reasserting his legacy as a formidable opponent in the boxing record books.

In 1981, he won the European light welterweight title against Antonio Guinaldo, which made him one of the best boxers in his weight class.

Despite his early success, McKenzie faced adversity throughout his career. In 1986, he lost his British and Commonwealth titles, and many considered him to be past his prime. However, McKenzie refused to give up on his career and came back stronger than ever. He won the British light welterweight title for a second time in 1988 and went on to defend it successfully several times before retiring in 1991.

One of the things that made McKenzie so successful was his aggressive fighting style. He was known for his relentless pressure and his ability to wear down his opponents. He also had a great chin and was able to take a punch, which made him a formidable opponent for any boxer.

McKenzie’s career was not without controversy; in his later years, he was involved in a number of legal issues, but his success in the ring cannot be denied. He is one of the most accomplished British boxers of his era, and his comeback story is one that will be remembered for years to come.

Clinton McKenzie was the comeback king of British boxing. He was known for his relentless pressure and his ability to wear down his opponents. He won several prestigious titles throughout his career, and his aggressive fighting style made him a formidable opponent for any boxer. Despite the adversity he faced, McKenzie’s determination and ability to come back from defeat will always be remembered as one of the highlights of his career.

He is the biological father of Coventry City striker Leon McKenzie and the adoptive father of professional boxer and Big Brother United Kingdom 2009 housemate Angel McKenzie, as well as the brother of former three-weight world champion boxer Duke McKenzie and former amateur boxer and politician Winston McKenzie. McKenzie started off strong, winning his first two bouts before losing to the eventual champion, Sugar Ray Leonard.

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