A new video from Chronixx. Directed by Dark X and SAMO, produced by Soul Circle Music

On Friday, Chronixx released the visuals for his latest single “Safe N Sound,” a resounding demand for “evolution time” around the globe in these hard times.

The track’s menacing percussion and violin strikes contribute to the track’s post-apocalyptic mood before vibrating synths and 808s take over, co-produced by Chronixx and Romain “Teflonzincfence” Arnett. Chronixx is seen walking through a neighbourhood’s vacant streets, classrooms, and markets while calling for “more love flowing in the streets” in the video.

Safe n Sound lyrics

Wise ghetto youth start wise up now
Rise ghetto youth start rise up now
Hear mi
Bun sufferation and bun poverty
Mek dem know a evolution time
A Babylon invent crime
We need more love flowing in the streets
Children a smile an a skin dem teeth
More love flowing in the town
Whole community safe and sound
Love flowing in the street
Work affi gwan and food affi eat
More love flowing in the town
People tell me how mi sound
Lord a mercy
All of a sudden everybody a gun man
State of emergency and a bag a tension
Politician doh have nuh development plan
That’s why every community need a one don
One order, everybody fi unite
Nyahbinghi order Rastafari
Nuttn nuh precious like di youth dem life
Dat a one thing nuh mount a money cyah buy
Chat dem a chat
A talk bout dem a bad man
A run up dem mouth an gwan
The guns that they gave you
Are tools that they use to break good communities down
A mus the boom and the rum
Fly up in your head my son
Mek yuh figet seh you a king
And start bleach out your skin
And flex like a bloodclaa clown
Ah haa
Children a laugh and a skin dem teeth
More love flowing in the town
Whole community Safe N Sound
Love flowing in the streets
Work affi gwan and food affi eat
More love flowing in the town
Come on Jamaica, tell mi how mi sound
Look how much a wi son dem kill already
Look how much juvenile dem killing again
Future Shellyann Fraisers Usain Bolts
doctors, wi lawyers and all wi singer dem
African people we lock di world already
A through the powers of Haile I, we a win again
Wi up and wi ready, di natty firm and heavy
Diss Rastafari and everything a dead.
Chat dem a chat
And a talk bout dem bad
And a run up dem mouth and gwan
Prostituting wi daughters
Wi son dem get slaughtered
They breaking our families down
A mus the boom and the rum
Weh di Dutty government bring come
Mek you figet seh you a queen
And start bleach out yuh skin
An a flex like a fool Winsome
Or it could be many years of brainwashing
Or the stew peas with the pig tail
It even might be these pills that they poppin
Mek everybody feel like a big devil
Affi face the truth an wi cyaa hide from it
Affi heal wi people, it’s inevitable
Cause the poison food a mek di youth brain damage
Coupled with with the crap they watching on the cable
Pastor nah nuh answer
Di youth dem inna d church sick and dying from cancer
Marijuana is the healing
And a long time church people a laugh after Rasta
Jamaica government invest millions a dollars fi destroy wi landrace sativa
Bring in seeds from California
And then they legalize ganja

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