Christopher Steele: Britain’s Highest Court Dismisses Dossier Case Involving Trump’s Former Spy

Donald Trump’s recent legal endeavour in the UK has been unsuccessful.

He sought to bring a case against a former MI6 officer who had compiled a dossier connecting him to Russia, but his efforts were in vain.

The former president’s attempt to utilise data protection laws in a lawsuit against Christopher Steele’s company has been dismissed by the High Court.

Mr Steele compiled a dossier that included unverified claims about bribing officials and engaging in sex parties.

The information was disclosed to the media shortly before Mr. Trump assumed the presidency.

When filing the lawsuit against Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, he claimed that the dossier included inaccurate allegations and violated his data protection rights.

In Thursday’s ruling in London, Mrs Justice Steyn DBE stated that she did not pass any judgement on the allegations themselves. Instead, she found that Mr. Trump’s claim was not filed within the six-year limitation period.

“There are no convincing arguments to support the claim going to trial,” she wrote.

Mr. Steele is expected to make a statement later today.

The case originates from 2016, when a US political consultancy approached Mr Steele’s company to create a report on possible Russian involvement in the US general election of that year.

The project was funded by individuals and organisations who held opposing political views to Mr. Trump.

Mr Steele, the former head of MI6’s Russia desk, shared his findings with the FBI, a British national security officer, and an aide to a senior US senator.

The dossier, later obtained and published by BuzzFeed, provided a comprehensive account of intelligence claims regarding Mr. Trump’s alleged relationship with the Kremlin, although these claims were uncorroborated.

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The former president stated in his witness statement during the case last year that “none of these events described in the Steele dossier actually occurred.”

“I want to clarify that I never participated in any inappropriate activities, such as hiring individuals for explicit acts in a hotel suite in Moscow.”

According to Mr. Trump, official investigations have discredited the dossier. However, he expressed frustration that despite this, the dossier still has a negative impact on him and causes distress due to lingering public belief in its contents.

He mentioned that he hadn’t found the opportunity to pursue legal action in the UK until 2023 due to his busy schedule as president.

In October, Antony White KC, representing Orbis, informed the court that Mr. Trump acknowledged that the company was not accountable for BuzzFeed’s release of the document.

Orbis also stated that the former president’s case was an effort to address “longstanding grievances”.

An investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller examined claims that Mr. Trump’s campaign and transition teams colluded with Russian agents to influence the 2016 election in his favour.

The investigation did not find evidence of a criminal conspiracy, but it did highlight 10 instances where there may have been obstruction of justice.

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