To say that the past few week have pushed actor and singer Tyrese Gibson to his breaking point would be an understatement. Currently locked in court battling his ex-wife Norma Gibson for  custody (among other things), Tyrese was being investigated amid allegations he’d hit his 10-year-old daughter Shayla.
En route to court on Thursday (November 2), the Fast & Furious co-star posted an Instagram video with the caption, “I’m innocent, repeat, I’m innocent! did nothing to my baby.”
Now, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services have officially closed their investigation, according to The Blast. Consequently, they won’t be seeking any criminal charges against the actor. 
While this doesn’t resolve the other issues, it clears up what was (understandably) the most hurtful misconception about him.
A video of Tyrese breaking down and crying before heading to court earlier this week prompted a sea of instant roasting. This led many to point out the obvious hypocrisy of supporting mental health as a hot topic issue while throwing dirt on a man while he (clearly) needed help and support.
Tyrese again took to Instagram on Thursday to reassure fans and well-wishers who were concerned about his mental state that he was “actually ok.”
One of the more humorous reactions to Tyrese’s “meltdown” came from comedian Michael Blackson, who said due to his “light skin behavior,” Tyrese was being traded.
“You are no longer considered dark skin … you did some really red bullshit yesterday,” he said. “I spoke to Akon, Don Cheadle, Gucci Mane and Wesley Snipes and we are trading you for Drake and Steph Curry. Good luck with your court case.”
Tyrese responded positively, stating “[I] needed this … when you’re fighting for your baby, all you wanna do is laugh.”
Blackson responded with his own words of encouragement. “I’ve been going thru the same battle with my 10 yr old twin boys … don’t give up keep fighting and one day when your daughter is old enough her mom will have a lot of explaining to do.”
Of course, Blackson ended things on a funny note. “Oh, since you don’t want to do Fast & Furious 9 can I have your part? Just asking that’s all.”