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After last night’s episode, viewers picked up on the fact that Tiffany was “being bullied” after an argument with John and they even suggested that one of his remarks about food was “racist”.
The former EastEnders star said: “[Tiffany] only wants to come to talk to us now cos she’s hungry and wants some chicken.”

House-mates demanded that Tiffany leave during last night’s explosive show, which saw the US star assume that David Gest had died, when Angie told her that “David had passed away”, meaning her ex-husband Bowie.
Tiffany refused to apologise for her misunderstanding and insisted in the Diary Room that she wouldn’t be leaving the house.

John Partridge on CBB

CHANNEL 5 Tiffany got upset after she fell out with her fellow house-mates

After John’s comments though, viewers took to Twitter to accuse the actor of being racist, with Ofcom also receiving 41 complaints of bullying.
One person posted: “John on celebrity big brother displaying his latent racism,” while another added: “listen that john guy is racist. He made a comment about chicken towards tiffany. Didnt clock at 1st.”
Ofcom confirmed to “41 complaints objected to bullying towards Tiffany by other housemates in the wake of her reaction to misunderstanding around David Bowie death news.”


John Partridge in Celebrity Big Brother

CHANNEL 5 Tensions have been rising in the house

Angie Bowie breaks down in CBB house

CHANNEL 5  Tiffany misunderstood Angie when she told her that David Bowie had died

“Viewers also alleged racial offence at John Partridge’s reference to her wanting to return to the house, ‘She only wants to come to talk to us now coz she’s hungry and wants some chicken’ and that this pandered to an offensive racial stereotype,” they continued.
A spokesperson also added: “We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not.”
Speaking about her fellow housemates in the Diary Room post-argument, an adament Tiffany revealed: “They will have to get me evicted, I’m not just going to walk off, I’m not a quitter! I didn’t do anything.”
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