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Broadwater Farm Estate, London, UK – 1988 : Documentary: ‘Scenes from the Farm’

Broadwater Farm Estate, Tottenham, London, UK – TV Documentary called ‘Scenes from the Farm’ – first televised in 1988…………
Wicked fly on the wall documentary about the daily lives of the Afro-Caribbean community on Broadwater Farm Estate – scene of the infamous 1985 riots – which erupted after the death of a local Black mother – Cynthia Jarrett (RIP) after a police raid at her home …..
This documentary features some well-known local personalities : Millard Scott, Seaton Brown (RIP), Stafford Scott, Clasford Sterling, Bernie Grant MP (RIP), Dolly Kiffin (RIP), the father of Winston Silcott (RIP) & many more……..
Also features some rare footage of the local Broadwater Farm Estate Reggae sound system called ‘Quadrophonic’ – with Richie ‘Nicotine Davis’ & Bobby Culture live on the mic !!!
For some background information about the 1985 Riots – check this link:
Big Respect to Guvna Gregah for processing the video !

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