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Rapper Azealia Banks has apologized for a stream of racist and Islamophobic invective against former One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik that led Twitter to suspend her.

Banks, who has long been notorious for provocative social media postings and has rarely voiced remorse, offered her ‘sincerest apologies to the world’ in a posting on Instagram, where her account remains active.

‘Employing racial/sexual slurs/stereotypes in attempts to make fun of or degrade another person or group is not fair or fun for anyone,’ wrote Banks, who performed Sunday in Istanbul.

‘Allowing my anger to get the best of me, I’ve managed to insult millions of people without reason. And for that I give my deepest apologies,’ she wrote late Saturday.

Banks, who is African American, used a series of epithets targeting Muslims in a rant on Twitter late Tuesday against Zayn, whom she accused of copying her style in his new racy look after One Direction.

Banks on one point gloated that the US military would kill the family of Zayn, a Briton who is partially of Pakistani descent and is one of the most high-profile Muslims in Western pop culture.

Twitter suspended her account on Thursday, pointing to its policy against ‘abusive tweets and behavior.’

A festival in London, Rinse/Born & Bred canceled her appearance next month in response to her shocking outburst.


An apology: The 26-year-old rapper took to Instagram on Saturday with the message after her Twitter account was suspended

Banks initially defended herself, suggesting that she was singled out as an African American woman and saying she was upset that Zayn — who has gone only by his first name since leaving the boy band — refused to engage with her over her criticism.

Banks, who did not mention Zayn by name in her apology, also clarified one point from her insults — she had no problem with curry, one of the terms she used to berate him.

She said she was repeating a joke from her native New York — where nearly half of cab drivers were born in Bangladesh, India or Pakistan — that taxis smelled like curry.

‘I feel compelled to clear the air with curry itself because that’s a bridge I don’t want to burn. I still want to be able to enjoy it freely without guilt or judgment,’ she wrote.

Banks has previously used homophobic language and called for the burning down of buildings owned by descendants of slave traders, remarks that drew controversy but did not lead to her suspension from Twitter.

She has also raised eyebrows by supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a fellow enthusiast of acerbic Twitter postings who has little support among minorities.

It all started when the controversial rapper shared a picture collage on Instagram just hours after Zayn released the visual for his new single, Like I Would.


She can’t help it! Not long after her apology the 26-year-old star re-posted a comment from a fan who supported her rant against 14-year-old Skai Jackson which took place after the Disney teen chimed in on the Zayn feud

While the singer clearly took inspiration from the Tron franchise, Azealia failed to agree as she posted mirror images from Zayn’s video and her own work.

She wrote: ‘D***, Zayn be mood boarding the s*** out of me… I’m not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie.’

Zayn, who has 18.9m followers, initially chose not to respond directly to the claims made by the 24-year-old musician as he tweeted: ‘No lies … I see you reaching but I don’t care.’

The former One Direction singer cheekily added: ‘My @’s too good for you.’

His comments sent Azealia into a frenzy as she then shared a series of highly offensive tweets with her 554,000 followers, stating: ‘Dude, I make better music than you. Simmer down with that fake white boy rebellion and that wannabe Beiber swag.
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