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Astrazeneca fined over $1.1billion for Medical and Safety Offences – How can we trust them?

We already told you how the creators of the ’emergency’ approved miraculous vaccine, Pfizer had been fined over £3.5 Billion for similar offences.

Well Asrtazeneca’s track record isn’t much better. Since the year 2000 they have have been fined over $500 Million for making False Claims + another $500 Million for Healthcare Related offences. 

This includes over $5.5 Million in fines for Bribery!

Every vaccine in history has taken an average of 8-15 years to develop, yet we’re supposed to believe they’ve managed to develop one in a few months that is safe and fit for purpose? 

Pull the other one. 

With the ‘miracle Covid-19 vaccine’ creators Astrazeneca and Pfizer having a record of offences like that, should we really be trusting enough to allow their product to be injected in to our bodies?

The full list of offences can be found here.

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