Reportedly, Schools will not be Permitted to Instruct Students on how to alter their Gender Identification

For the first time ever, age restrictions on when children can learn about sex education have been proposed, according to sources.

Until fifth grade, when students are nine years old, schools will not be required to offer sex education, as reported in the Times.

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan is reportedly planning to introduce new policies that will prohibit teaching youngsters that they may change their gender identity and ban explicit discussions about sex until they reach the age of thirteen, according to the newspaper.

Until this age, children would also not learn about abortion, STDs, or methods of contraception.

Reportedly, the government is responding to complaints that some youngsters are receiving RSHE (relationships, sexuality, and health education) that is improper for their age with these new guidelines.

To allay these concerns, the Times stated that schools will be compelled to give parents samples of the curriculum their children will be taught.

Starting in September 2020, RSHE became an obligatory subject in every English school.

Children in elementary school should learn about the many kinds of families and the importance of maintaining positive connections, according to the current recommendations, which specify general lesson modules.

In contrast, students in secondary school learn more advanced concepts, such as puberty, consent, sexual relationships, unhealthy relationships, and the dangers of the internet.

Conservative members of parliament and others voiced worry that children were being taught sexuality at an early age, prompting the prime minister to order a review of the curriculum.

According to the Department of Education, it is not possible to verify the news stories and the agency would not comment on rumours of leaks.

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