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Abe #ArtistProfile

Abe is a 23 year old rap artist based in south west London and originally from Ghana, West Africa. He started writing songs in 2010 at the age of 16 and only just this year entered the studio for the first time to record. First song titled ‘Wavetalk 1 [live it behind] Prod.Epidemick’ has received rave reviews and is available on soudcloud.com (links below). He’s style of music ranges from trap, hiphop and trap soul.

“I’m focused on rap mainly as I used my wordplay and lyrical content to my best ability” – ABe

He is currently working on 2 mixtape projects with a total of 33 songs. Release date is scheduled for early 2018.

Soundcloud: Abe Soundcloud
Twitter: Abelodn
Facebook: abemademusic

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