8-Year Old Girl Raises PH levels And Shrinks Cancer Tumors By 75%

8 year old cures her cancer micstagesuk

Another story of a cancer patient treating themselves through diet has surfaced. Not long ago we shared a similar story of a man with stage 3 colon cancer who refused chemotherapy and cured himself with a vegan diet. I want to make it clear that surgery does not cure cancer, especially when an individual is already in the later stages of the disease. If it did, that’s all they would do. Cancer is a systemic metabolic disease, the result of a body that is nutrient deficient, overloaded with toxins and usually the result of a PH level that’s too low, meaning that the body is bathed in acidity. If the body is not given the essential nutrients it needs to repair, regenerate and detoxify, cancer will most likely return.

Let food by thy medicine, and medicine by thy food – Hippocrates

In this case, the PH levels were raised, and as a result the lactic acid goes down and the cancer activity  goes down. This allows the body repair itself. It’s very concerning that most doctors don’t know that nutrition plays a vital role when it comes to cancer treatment. If you have cancer, the options you are given are usually drugs, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Rarely is nutrition thought of when it comes to an effective cure for cancer. While each case is unique and no ONE treatment can be used in every case, it is important to look at multiple options that have been effective vs only looking at mainstream options which don’t have high success rates to begin with. For example, here is a list of  20 medical studies that prove cannabis can cure cancer.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are constantly pushed as the only go-to options for cancer treatment, when this couldn’t be farther from the truth. How often does a cancer patient see a doctor who tells them that dichloroacetate can their cancer? That was recently discovered by researchers at the University of Alberta. Cancer is a multi-trillion dollar industry, it can be hard to believe that there are those who do not promote treatments that have been proven successful, but it simply means we have to go beyond what we are taught, use our critical thinking skills and find out the truth for ourselves.


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3D printing industry revolutionizes film production

The Arrowhead

The printing of models and completely digital CG Animation has removed the limits on efficiency and potential in movie production.

With multiple innovative ways of implementing 3D printing into filmmaking, directors have been given much more imaginative freedom within the past several years.

Animators and special effects technicians have been able to push the limits of creativity in film production due to in house or outsourced 3D printing work.

3D printing is essentially what it sounds like.

It is the process of laying down thin layers of polymer resin to create a 3D copy of a scanned object, or a digitally designed one.

Its practical uses include surgical tools, machine parts, and dental care.

However, according to industry insider Philip DeSimone, “Movie making is definitely the coolest and most creative use of the technology.”

Special effects production company Legacy Effects, well known for its work on Avatar, Iron Man, The…

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11 Male Celebrities Who Married Much Older Women


Male celebrities dating younger women is nothing new—it’s a tale as old as Hollywood—but did you know that a surprising number of stars have seriously dated or married older women? Here are five male stars who fell for someone older—in some cases, much older!—and you can head over to OK! Magazine to see even more!

12th Annual BMI Urban Awards - Arrivals Getty Images

Mariah Carey is 11 years older than husband Nick Cannon, but they seem totally blissed out together.

Getty Images Getty Images

Janet Jackson is one of the biggest pop stars on Earth; her husband Wissam Al Mana is a Qatari billionaire. So what if she’s 9 years older?

Getty Images Getty Images

Hugh Jackman married fellow actress Deborra-Lee Furness when he was 28 and she was 41, and they’re still going strong.

Getty Images Getty Images

“Godzilla” star Aaron Taylor-Johnson started dating his director Sam Taylor-Johnson back in 2009, when he was 18 and she was 42. They’re now…

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Lily Allen Posts Topless Instagram Video Wearing Nothing But Spanx


What better way to kick off a Wednesday than by seeing how unabashedly, um, unabashed celebrities are. British songstress Lily Allen—known for her odd antics and general IDGAF personality—posted a topless Instagram video of herself wearing nothing but an enormous pair of Spanx while dancing around to Drake‘s “Started at the Bottom.”

The 29-year-old mother of two captioned the video—which was taken in her dressing room as she was getting ready for a concert in Brussels—”cool mum #drakespanxdance.”  We’re not sure how cool her kids will think it is that her mom posted a public topless video to 430,000 followers, but hey, whatever works.

MORE: The 20 Most Naked Celebrity Instagram Photos of All Time

The singer—who earlier this month released a new album “Sheezuz” that’s a huge hit in the U.K.—also posted another Instagram video of herself dancing, but this time she was clothed in a glittering dress, rocking out to Beyonce

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Dame Dash Cracks Jokes On Jay’s Elevator Scuffle With Solange (VIDEO)

Global Grind

[ione_embed src=//www.youtube.com/embed/xt29Tv5UNrM service=youtube width=640 height=360 type=iframe]

Dame Dash isn’t holding his tongue about Jay Z‘s fight with this sister-in-law Solange Knowles.

In a recent interview with Hip-Hop Motivation, Hov’s former Roc-A-Fella partner expressed his feelings about CarterGate – and he’s going to go all in, because he already told Jay Z: “as long as you don’t get offended when I play.” Well, it’s Dame’s time to clown and joke.

Here’s what Dame had to say about the elevator fight.

On why he thought it was funny:
“I thought it was funny cause Jay is the kinda guy you don’t see him move like that that much. And when he does move, if it’s not that cool looking, then it’s going to be kicks. Also I feel like nobody teases Jay but me for some reason. It’s just the first time I’ve seen people freely expressing themselves. What I’m really…

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