The following list of conspiracy theories are ones that have shocked and amazed audiences around the world. They all initially started as mere rumors, but in many cases these wild stories ended up being true after some additional research by those who were skeptical at first glance.
There is a lot of buzz about conspiracies and it seems that there’s always one conspiracy theory per day. FromArea 51 to the moon landing, here are 10 popular beliefs which turned out not just true but also helped shape society as we know today.

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10 – The FBI Spied On John Lennon
In the 60’s and 70s America was a tumultuous place. The government’s involvement with Vietnam weighed heavily on the country, while artists took up their pens to protest against it at home through literature or by encouraging others not give into fear – they had done what needed doing before anyone else could do anything for them because “this too shall pass.” Leading that movement was an iconic lineup of visionaries; many were musicians and celebrities who would soon change pop culture forever (literally).
John Lennon’s pacifist messages in his music were threatening to President Nixon, who had previously been on the warpath. Nevertheless people still connected with what he was saying and so it seemed logical for him to have been spied upon by government agents
The subversiveness of John Lennons songs gave way not only as being effective but also possibly dangerous because these points-of-view could lead others down an antiestablishment path which might cause them problems if taken too far


The government was undoubtedly spying on John Lennon, and it all began in 1971. They started following him when he arrived to New York as an immigrant with a visa only for singing/songwriting purposes- but this wasn’t enough! The Immigration Service tried everything from kicking him out of America or making life so hard that he would leave; even putting microphones inside his hotel room without permission (isn’t privacy dead?).
The surveillance of John Lennon was not a one-off event. The FBI monitored antiwar protesters and other public figures, obtaining compromising material on them as well
In 2000 Jon Wiener published “Gimme Some Truth”, an expose’ which revealed just how far the United States Government went in its attempt to silence those who opposed America’s involvement overseas by using tactics such as infiltration or fabrication against activist groups like Peace movement during Vietnam War era until then unaware that it wasn’t only music stars being targeted but also writers, publishers, artists and many others.

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09 – The Mention Of The Mafia Was Once Regarded As Conspiracy Theory
For years, the Mafia was considered nothing but conspiracy theory.
The mention that this shadowy network of criminals occupied an important place in American society wasn’t mentioned until 1932 after journalist exposes them following her investigation into “La Cosa Nostra” (the Sicilian term for its members). She wrote about how they were able to coexist peacefully with law enforcement due their respectfulness and collaboration on many occasions
The theory of a powerful group trying to take over the world was first published in print and on film by 1920, but it didn’t gain traction until 1946. This is when we saw how organized crime started really taking off (This also follows The Godfather). However this conspiracy only became widely accepted among most people from 1962 onwards
In less than 5 years after its release into popular culture with Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece film adaptation – “The Godfather Part II,” which takes place around 1931-1940s timeframe-,
The existence of the Mafia wasn’t actually confirmed to the world until famed Mob snitch Joe Valachi testified, spilling his Beans. He acknowledged it in 1962 and now we know for sure – there’s no doubt about this conspiracy theory being true!

08 -American Government Used Nazi Scientists To Develop The Atomic Bomb
In the wake of World War II, America and Russia both rushed to gather as many Nazi scientists they could find. The U.S did so under Operation Paperclip which transformed these former enemies turned allies into citizens with citizen status in just a few short immediately after Germany’s defeat!
When it came out that men like Wernher von Braun and other high-profile Nazi scientists were behind the American space program, many people assumed there was some sort of government cover up.


It is true that President Truman insisted no one with direct ties could be brought in under Operation Paper Clip. But this proved to be a mistake, because members of the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (precursor to CIA) recruited Nazi scientists who took part in various atrocities including developing Weapons-Of Mass Destruction for Nazism’s wars against Russia and non aligned nations such as bacteriological weapons, rockets targeting tanks from planes or even mustard gas itself!

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07 – During Prohibition, The American Government Poisoned Alcohol To Keep People From Drinking.
These crazy conspiracy theories almost always suggest the government is behind it all—and they were right again. For years, industrial alcohol manufacturers had been mixing dangerous chemicals with their product before Prohibition had hit!
Federal law enforcement officers of the 1920s and 1930s used a new strategy to combat bootleggers. The federal government pushed manufacturers to use stronger poisons in order discourage bootleggers from turning the alcohol into moonshine.
The demise of Prohibition didn’t stop the bootleggers or their customers from drinking tainted alcohol, and by 1935 more than 10 thousand Americans had been killed as a result.
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06 – The Dalai Lama is a CIA agent
Dalai Lama was a recipient of CIA funding from the late 1950s to mid 1970’s, receiving $180K a year. Most of which he used for Tibetan government-in-exile activities such as funding foreign offices and lobbying domestically or internationally for support.
The CIA Tibetan program was a nearly two decades long anti-Chinese covert operation focused on Tibet which consisted of “political action, propaganda and paramilitary” operations. These were all based in part by arrangement made with the 14th Dalai Lama’s brothers who did not know at first that there even existed such an agreement until after they had already set up shop for themselves within Lhasa itself! The goal? To keep alive an idea: autonomous Tibet.
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05 – The tobacco companies have denied the real dangers of smoking for decades.
The tobacco companies have a long history of hiding the truth about their product. They were first accused in courtrooms and then on news programs as being responsible for various diseases, but it wasn’t until recently that all those claims started coming true
In early March 2018 Bloomberg revealed internal documents from Hatch Inc., maker of Lucky Strike cigarettes dating back to 1949 which showed clear evidence proving how deeply involved with preventing smokers from quitting they actually are In 1948 “The Surgeon General” said his office had found no evidence linking smoking one cigarette per day – at least according to The New York Times-to emphysema or cancer risks “sufficiently” large enough
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04 – The Illuminati and the U.S. government
The United States National Security Agency (NSA) has long been considered to be one of the most powerful institutions in America. However, recent reports have suggested that they may actually be working with an organization known as “The Illuminati.”
The link between reality and the internet is a hyperlink (i.e., electronic). If you type in Illuminati backwards – Itanimulli-, your browser will take you to NSA’s website. Try it if you dare.
Called “The Fruit Machine” on display at The Canadian War Museum

03 – Canada tried to develop gaydar a machine to detect homosexuality
A Canadian government agency was so concerned about homosexuality that they created the “gaydar” machine. A university professor was indeed commissioned by the government to develop a test for detecting homosexuality in federal employees.
He developed a machine that gauged pupil dilation in reaction to same-sex erotic imagery; the Canadian government used it to exclude or fire more than 400 men from civil service, military and RCMP.
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02 – Government Mind Control (MKULTRA)
The CIA was experimenting with LSD and other mind-altering substances on americans in a top secret experiment to see how it can be used for behavior modification. The CIA’s controversial MK-ULTRA program was real. They used volunteers to begin with, but eventually it became so widespread that they were outsourcing their experiments on people without consent or knowledge–calling these “subjects.” One such person involved in this experiment as a teenager is author Ken Kesey who would later go onto write “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.
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01 – Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments
The Tuskegee Syphilis Study is one of the most famous and notorious clinical studies in American history. Conducted between 1932 and 1972, it observed the natural progression of syphilis among black men from rural Alabama as they suffered through its painful stages without treatment or cure for their condition – an experiment that would change forever not only how we understand but what Doctors are supposed to do: treat their patients as equals no matter who deserves the help.

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